Press release

Crossfire: Legion Launches In Early Access Today

Classic RTS warfare updated for the new generation!

Munich, 24 May 2022 17:00 CEST (Prime Matter / Smilegate) 
Crossfire: Legion, the modern, action-filled, Real Time Strategy game – with a respectful nod to classic games that defined the genre – launches today in Early Access. 

Set in the near future of the Crossfire universe, where society is crumbling and the world is consumed by corporate conflicts, three rival factions fight for the domination of their ideologies.  

With 45 units to choose from (Air / Ground Assault, Transport, Infantry etc.) and 6 unique Commanders, players must raise and customise their army, manage resources, consolidate their positions, and push forward to dominate the map!  

In addition to the strong narrative campaign that will evolve through Early Access, the game will test players’ competitive and strategic skills through a larger roster of units and Commanders. Each Commander brings special abilities to the battlefield that can help turn the tide of battle. Knowing how to make the most of them, but also how to counter them, will be essential to prevail in the many multiplayer modes.  

UGC tools and ESL-backed competitive tournaments will also be introduced at a later date in development and are expected to play a key role in energising the community. 

“Crossfire: Legion is a classically inspired Real Time Strategy game at its heart. What makes it stand out are the magic touches of macro-strategy with army, map, and game customisation”  
Maurice Grela, Game Designer at Blackbird Interactive said. “We are excited to finally bring it to Early Access and can’t wait to hear what players who grew up with RTS or are just (re)discovering the genre think of it. We missed those kinds of games and designed Crossfire: Legion with them in mind!”  

Eager to find out more? Check out the Launch Trailer now!


  • Intense Multiplayer Combat  

  • Claim your place at the top of the leaderboards 

  • Get familiar with the game in the classic Versus Mode 

  • Mix things up with the unique Payload Mode 

  • Enjoy many more Game Modes to be added through Early Access 

  • Challenging A.I. Skirmishes 

  • Thrilling Co-op 

  • Globally-scoped Single-player Campaign - ACT 1 available at Early Access Launch,  
    ACT 2, ACT 3, and ACT 4 to follow during Early Access 


  • New Maps and Units 

  • Additional Game Modes (incl. Battle Royale, Round Robin, and more!) 

  • Built-in Replay System 

  • UGC Tools and Steam Workshop integration 

  • Level Editor 

  • Community-made Challenges 


Logos, assets, screens and more  can be downloaded here: 

About Smilegate 

Smilegate is a global gaming company that owns global game IPs, including the world's No.1 online FPS game 'CROSSFIRE', blockbuster hack & slash MMORPG 'Lost Ark', and mobile turn-based RPG 'Epic Seven.’ With roots in game development, Smilegate now also provides game publishing and investment business and is expanding as a global company with regional offices in the US, China, Southeast Asia and Europe. Its flagship IP, ‘CROSSFIRE,’ is one of the largest and most successful franchises in gaming history, with more than 670 million registered users to date and over 8 million concurrent players globally.  

About Blackbird Interactive 
Blackbird Interactive (BBI) is a creative-fueled, future-driven, independent studio behind such games as Homeworld: Deserts of Karak, Hardspace: Shipbreaker, Minecraft Earth, and the upcoming Homeworld 3 and Crossfire: Legion. Founded by Rob Cunningham, Yossarian King, and Aaron Kambeitz in 2010, the award-winning Vancouver studio boast its own internal CG cinematics department, led by the founder of Pixar Canada, and has also been involved in various game-adjacent projects over the years - such as Project Eagle with the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and other initiatives with the eatART Foundation and Sanctuary AI. BBI was listed among the fastest growing Canadian companies by revenue in 2020 and 2021 by The Globe and Mail and Deloitte. 

About Prime Matter 

Headquartered in Munich, Prime Matter is a premium gaming label dedicated to delivering a range of immersive and diverse games from amazing gaming development talent all around the globe. 

Working across projects of all styles, scopes and sizes, from distribution, to publishing, from ambitious indies taking their first step that need full support without compromising their dream, to larger established studios searching that next step in the global market and building of brands. 

Prime Matter looks to lead through creativity, expression and passion, with games that will grip and enchant with enthralling story-telling, winning an audience with its incredible moments and larger-than-life experiences.