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Birthday Gameplay Stream Of Current and Future Titles Scheduled For 17 June 2022

Theale, UK – June 10th, 2022 - Nothing says “Happy Birthday” like a neuron-tingling-sensation-<wbr />overloading 30 minute gameplay extravaganza as Prime Matter – Koch Media’s premium publishing label - celebrates its first birthday.

A year ago we launched Prime Matter where we said we would release games from all corners of the world giving developers a chance to show their talent and passion.
One year later - amidst challenges both global and local - we’ve released great games from across the globe;  North America, Asia, Europe and South America.
We formed alliances with infamous heisters; Became fearless intrepid space explorers; Revelled in our Mech deploying alternative history; Lost our backpack countless times; Licked far too many faces in our dystopian reality; Enforced Ranger law across the Wastelands; and a whole load more!
And this is just the start of the journey:
 We’ve got megalomaniac A.I, spiritual cult horror, medieval action, sword fighting at its best, a few bank-jobs, suspense in space, a kingdom to save and all the bear [not a typo] necessities to keep gamers delighted for years to come. 

None of this would have been possible without two groups of people: The amazing teams behind the games, who breathe life into these projects, and YOU our amazing players, who make it all worthwhile!

New Stream-Team, New Format with gameplay, gameplay and more gameplay!

To celebrate our auspicious day, Prime Matter’s regular streamer Luci Verdalla will host a 30 minute gameplay fest, followed by a live Q&A with fellow stream-teamer Steve Coleman.

In closing a few words from the Prime Matter Stream-Team themselves:
“We look forward to welcoming you all to celebrate our anniversary and showing you all of our upcoming and exciting new titles. After 225 hours of streams, 770,000 minutes watched, 32,000 unique viewers and 30,000 chat messages over the past year, we'd like to thank all of those who have been with us from the start and shown us boundless support, love and memes. To those who will tune in for the first time; make yourself comfortable, because you're in for a ride!”
The stream will go live on on the 17th of June at 6PM BST.

Happy Birthday and a BIG thank you from us all!

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