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Crossfire: Legion Major Game Updates and ESL Finals Played

Store removed, New game mode, Campaign Act II, a new Payload map – and other community-led updates added!

Crossfire: Legion, the fast-paced action-packed Real-Time Strategy game currently available to play in Early Access announces the latest addition of content including some truly exciting news:

  • Store removed
    Its presence led players to wonder about the introduction of gameplay affecting microtransactions in the future and pay-to-win in general.
While units and gameplay-affecting items were never intended to be locked behind hard currency – only soft-currency tied to player progression – we acknowledge that the way this was presented was fairly confusing. We also heard player feedback about locking units and/or commanders behind player progression.
As a result, we are scrapping both the store and the unit unlock system with the upcoming update – we just don’t want anything to stand between players and enjoying the classic RTS gameplay the game has to offer. In other words, this means:
  • All current and future units will always be available immediately to all players
  • No need to unlock gameplay-affecting items – ever
  • Operations to be removed as a result of the above, and replaced at a later date by a new progression system
  • DLCs still planned for the future
  • Campaign Act II
    The battle rages on with the next 4 missions of our immersive, character-driven campaign – featuring new locations and story beats. Continue to immerse yourself in the expansive world and lore of the Crossfire universe.
  • New game mode : “Battlelines”
    Battlelines allows for 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 matches with a focus on army composition rather than the micromanaging of units. This is a macro-focused game mode where players place their units in formation within the designated area and watch them spawn waves that will autonomously fight their way towards the other team's HQ.
  • New payload map : “Badlands”
    In Badlands, players fight to secure each payload amongst the thick foliage and tricky jungle terrain – making the most of numerous narrow lanes to setup ambushes and focused attacks.
  • Other important updates based on player request including “Hotkey Mapping”, “Game Economy Adjustments” etc.

For more in-depth details, feel free to jump to our latest dev blog:
We have our 1st ESL champions!
These past days saw the finals of the Crossfire: Legion inaugural ESL tournaments played across Europe, America, and Asia. Congratulations to the winners, and we look forward to the next exciting tournament!

An overview of the results can be found here:
For more info please visit:

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